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Ladies and Gentlemen!

We lead up to your data, that Certification centre of window and door goods
prepares for crossing to other premise.

The address remains former.
Number of office will be informed in addition.

In this connection contact phones remain:
(495) 482-42-60

Vlasova Tatyana Vladimirovna (mobile) +7 910-455-46-95.

Certification centre of window and door goods (OS ODT) is one of the first organizations in Russia accredited by State Committee of the Russian Federation for Construction and Municipal Complex to realize building goods certification GOST R certification system.

Certification centre of window and door goods was founded on the base of Experimental Center - EC "Zamok' that assumed the full cycle of window, door and lock goods mechanical testing.

The development of research base of Experimental Center "Zamok' was deeply influenced by the interconnection between the Center and its European partners during the certification activities. The Center experts have received an admission to information concerning development of West Europe test methods and were able to become acquainted with methods and outfit of key experimental centers. This allowed modernizing the equipment of EC "Zamok', developing and implementing advanced methods of testing at first keyhole constructions and window and door constructions after that.

At present time EC "Zamok' possess the whole range of specialized equipment for carrying out test of any complexity rate: Window and door blocks of any construction:

  • Windows and doors with different construction including sliding
  • Window and door devices (turned, reclined and turned - reclined devices, hinges, door closer etc.)
  • Locks and latches of all kinds, offering different guarding properties (lever lock, cylinder, lamellar, disk-shaped, electro
    mechanical and others)
  • Building hardware (bolts, catches, spins etc.)

In 2002-2012 the Center started corrodent resistance tests of various surfaces, including tests in hydrochloric acid. These tests are carried out in German climatic chamber, which also allows creating various testing conditions, e.g. desert or tropical climate.

OS ODT is as well empowered to test and certificate aluminium profiles and glued wood. In that issue we collaborate closely with leading laboratories and experimental centers.

We work together and certify large European companies: "Roto", "Siegenia", "Winkhaus", "Aubi", "GEZE 1, "CES", "KFV -Germany, "Maco" - Austria, "Velux" - Denmark, "Abloy" - Finland, "CISA", "Mottura", "Savio", "GSG 1, "Fapim", "AGB" - Italy, "ASSA" -Sweden, "Kale", "ITO" - Turkey, "Gerda", "LOB" - Poland and many others.

We invite all companies functioning in the area of window, door and lock industry to cooperation. We shall be glad to provide any help, from consultation and technical documentation development to carrying out tests and certification.

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